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Ground-breaking technology lets SIMmersion deliver effective communication training to learners of all kinds.

Snapshot of the PeopleSIM Conversation Engine in Practice
Characters Weigh Their Options and Respond Realistically

The Value of a Complete Training Solution

Effective Learning
Building skills and confidence in high-stakes conversations.

  • Fits In Any Learning Environment

    Our solutions are equally appropriate for solo home or office use, classroom demonstrations, or blended solutions with solo/small group play and group demos and discussion. The robust scoring features in the after-action review make systems feasible as assessment tools to be integrated in any learning management system. Whatever an organization needs from its training, our solutions can make a vital contribution.

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  • Fits Any Learning Style

    Some methodical players want to read every line of educational material before beginning the role-play; others would rather jump into the role-play and read the educational materials after the fact to assess problems. Some focus on the feedback in the after-action review; others rely on the just-in-time feedback from the help coach during the role-play. Our solutions give players the freedom to approach the system the way that works best for their learning style.

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PeopleSIM™ Conversation Engine
Simulating Real People in Difficult Conversations. Learn more...

  • Character Brains
    Authentic Emotions and Personalities Power Lifelike Interactions

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  • Dynamic Player Pathways
    Player Choices Create Fluid Conversational Structure

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  • Conditional Response Lottery
    Dynamic Response Weights Generate Realistic Exchanges

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Training Model
Acquire knowledge, apply skills, refine with feedback. Learn more...

  • Knowledge Acquisition
    Players Control Their Learning Experience

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  • Skill Acquisition
    Authentic Conversations Give Real-life Experience Without Real-Life Consequences

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  • Feedback
    Detailed Feedback from Multiple Channels Supports Increased Learning

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The SIMmersion Difference
No Other Training Delivers as Much. Learn more...

Complete Training Solution
Our systems incorporate:
  • Knowledge base of textbooks and classrooms
  • Play-anywhere accessibility of traditional e-learning and branching logic simulations
  • Skill building and constructive feedback of professional role-plays or mentoring
  • Realism and continuous variety of on-the-job learning, without any of the risks

Researchers and the press report SIMmersion’s track record of improving communication skills.



We have partnered with leading experts from different universities and professions to create and evaluate our simulation training programs.

Dr. Michael Fleming
National Academies of Science Institute of Medicine
Describing the impact of SIMmersion technology in the medical training field...
Leaders in their respective industries discuss working with SIMmersion and their satisfaction with the efficacy of the technology...

I have seen this (SIMmersion's) work and highly endorse its use where appropriate, and affordable. My personal assessment is that it delivers very good training in a portable and highly useable form.

Jen Lerner - Hands-on Interview & Interrogation Training

You forget that this is a computer program because it’s so realistic.

Hands-on Interview and Interrogation User

Never have I used the word 'break-through' to describe our programs. I use this word now.

Dr. Victor Morrow
Executive Director, Office of Funded Programs / CME, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Sam Martin - Autism Social Conversation Training

I felt like I was talking to a real person rather than some scripted thing.

Autism Social Conversation Training User
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SIMmersion builds highly engaging systems featuring interactive simulations, dynamic educational content, and extensive feedback.

Everyone, from individuals to large organizations, benefits from SIMmersion's superior training solutions.