Group Licensing

Group Licensing And Administration

If you plan to administer multiple user accounts then you will want to make use of free access to our Administration Center ( Administration Center will give you free reporting and tracking utilities to track user progress.

To get started you will need to create a License Pool on Administration Center. Please call 1-(443)-283-2555 or fill out our contact form.

Low Cost Per License!

Purchasing training in bulk to receive discounts!

  • Easy Student Administration
    Assign Students By Email Address or Username
  • Licensing Options
    Purchase Full Licenses or By-The-Hour Licenses
  • Grouping Capability
    Group and Subgroup Your Students By Location, Classroom, Section
  • Powerful Reporting
    Get Real-Time Custom Reports On Students, Groups, and Products
  • Curricula
    Prescribe A Custom Training Plan for Your Students
  • Assessments
    Deliver Simulations In Test Form on a Non-Branded Site